The future of interactive teaching.

Teaching tech, redefined

Together, we have compltely changed how kids learn tech. Inspired themselves by all our teacher. With short 5 minute course videos, accessible at any time. One a day is the formula for success for your children. At any time during your child's journey, our team will create personal videos  or even a short zoom call to assist your learner problem, or special request in any personal problems. We pride ourselves for our love for teaching and inspiring each child on their own personal journey in tech.

What tech can you learn?

 - Python basics

 - Advanced Python

 - App building with flutter

 - App building with Android Studio.

 - Build websites with HTML.

 - Animation with Blender.

 - 3D Design with Onshape.

 - C's language (Most powerful)

 - Think like a computer

 - Scratch Block coding

 - Hopscotch block coding.

 - Cool python modules.

 - Artificial Intelligence

 - More always coming.

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